Sales & Marketing Keynote Speaker Jeff Compton

Jeff Compton delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes to drive meaningful outcomes worldwide. He is the perfect balance between energizing and practical; entertaining and result-focused; fun and impactful. As an sales & marketing keynote speaker, Bestselling Author, successful five-time entrepreneur, and well-respected blues musician, Jeff blends deep, real-world experience with a magnetic stage presence to help people and organizations thrive. Every talk is customized to drive the biggest possible impact, combining engaging stories, gorgeous visuals, and practical techniques that push audiences to jumpstart their creative energy and solve challenges in fresh, innovative ways.

Jeff Compton – who started his career as a blues musician – personifies creativity, entrepreneurship and sales & marketing innovation. He has been the founder and CEO of five marketing companies, which sold for a value of at least $1 million. Josh is the author of three International Bestsellers: “When BOB Barks-The Psychology of Breaking Habits & Getting What You Want”, “The Driving Force - The Psychology of Communication & Selling What You're Selling”, and “Games Managers Play – The Psychology of Supervising People and Getting More with Less”. He is also the Founding Partner of Third Dimension Group, Inc. – a international boutique consulting firm that helps companies expand their sales and marketing. Jeff is on a mission to help people and organizations unleash creativity to maximize full potential. And yes, he still plays a mean B-3 Hammond Organ.
  • Amy VigilExecutive Director at National Credit Union Call Center

    Amy Vigil
    Executive Director at National Credit Union Call Center

    “Our attendees had nothing but great comments and left the meeting feeling good and motivated. Jeff comes highly recommended and if you have an opportunity to book him, I highly recommend him!”
  • Bill LovingPresident & CEO at Pendleton Community Bank

    Bill Loving
    President & CEO at Pendleton Community Bank

    “It was a great opportunity to have Jeff at our convention, he made me think a lot about some common sense (techniques) and plus Jeff was VERY entertaining, Jeff thanks for coming.”
  • Cheryll FranksCEO at C. Franks & Associates Real Estate Consultants

    Cheryll Franks
    CEO at C. Franks & Associates Real Estate Consultants

    “Jeff can empower your organization with new skills to be used in future business. where each of the associates could recognize their own strengths and weaknesses in the business world."
  • Dan PoynterBest Selling Author & Publisher

    Dan Poynter
    Best Selling Author & Publisher

    "Inspirational and entertaining. Audiences love Jeff and his message."
  • David PearsonCEO at Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals

    David Pearson
    CEO at Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals

    “Jeff Compton made an impression on our staff with his content, delivery and ability to capture the crowd. The feedback has been extremely positive and Jeff’s training received high marks.”
  • David WienerManaging Director at The Alta Group

    David Wiener
    Managing Director at The Alta Group

    “Being called up to be better than I thought possible is more effective than being talked down to. By the end of the time spent with Jeff I was convicted - no, inspired - to make needed life and leadership changes.”
  • G.L. RamseyManager at Bank-Tec South

    G.L. Ramsey
    Manager at Bank-Tec South

    “I have been able to connect with clients better and my sales have increased. If you are a corporation with a sales force of 1,000 wanting to go global, Jeff can help give you the skills to make it happen.”
  • James CarrickVice President of Learning Events at Credit Union National Association

    James Carrick
    Vice President of Learning Events at Credit Union National Association

    “Jeff just knocked it out of the ball park for us! He did a breakout for us and then closed us out with a general session that was amazing! We will definitely have him back.”
  • James MalinchakCo-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul

    James Malinchak
    Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul

    "Jeff Compton has a gift in presenting information and ideas that help you achieve your goals and dreams. Listen to this AMAZING Man! He's a true inspiration!"
  • Jonathan SprinklesThought Leader on Sales & Leadership

    Jonathan Sprinkles
    Thought Leader on Sales & Leadership

    “Jeff Compton knows how to touch a crowd. His ideas and strategies are real world and powerful. He will have your students thanking you for booking him!”
  • Kevin MullensMulti-million Dollar Earner, Diamond Elite at Zija International

    Kevin Mullens
    Multi-million Dollar Earner, Diamond Elite at Zija International

    “Jeff Compton brings an energy to the room that feeds your people with necessary information to go live life unlimited. He delivers it in such a way that leaves you wanting more.”
  • Kimberly DeasRegional Vice President at ACN communications

    Kimberly Deas
    Regional Vice President at ACN communications

    “Jeff is a very dynamic, enthusiastic, passionate trainer and presenter. He is informational and powerful; he makes learning fun and enjoyable. Jeff is truly a professional.”
  • Mark ManganoPresident at Northern Hancock Bank & Trust

    Mark Mangano
    President at Northern Hancock Bank & Trust

    “Jeff taught me all about my brain’s ongoing behavior, and it was the best description of why we do the things we do that I have ever heard! Jeff rocks!”
  • Dr. Nido QubeinThought Leader, Best Selling Author and  Board Member BB&T

    Dr. Nido Qubein
    Thought Leader, Best Selling Author and Board Member BB&T

    “Jeff Compton’s strategies will motivate you to reach for greater heights and achieve more than you ever have before. His energy grabs the attention of audiences from start to finish!”
  • Norah LenardicV.P. Aircraft Management at Executive Jet Management

    Norah Lenardic
    V.P. Aircraft Management at Executive Jet Management

    “I got EXACTLY what I came to learn. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable in this area. He ROCKS!”
  • Orvel Ray Wilson Best Selling Author of

    Orvel Ray Wilson
    Best Selling Author of "Guerrilla Selling®"

    "Jeff is AMAZING! He is one of the hottest up-and-coming speakers on the circuit today. His polish, enthusiasm and complete command of the platform will transfix any audience."
  • Pete Brokaw Senior V.P. of Education at Florida Bankers Association

    Pete Brokaw
    Senior V.P. of Education at Florida Bankers Association

    “Thanks for making me look so good in the eyes of my colleagues and I look forward to working with you again on a future project!"
  • Steve Ringsmuth Senior Systems Engineer at Vertical Communications

    Steve Ringsmuth
    Senior Systems Engineer at Vertical Communications

    “Jeff is a goal setter and a go getter. He makes his plan and keeps on track until the goal is accomplished. He is determined to succeed despite any opposition.”
  • Tony Evangelista, MBASales & Leasing Consultant at Toyota

    Tony Evangelista, MBA
    Sales & Leasing Consultant at Toyota

    “Jeff is a dynamic speaker and trainer. I have had the opportunity to evaluate Jeff’s work on several occasions and he consistently delivers outstanding results through exceptional performance.”
  • Travis BrownVice President of Retail Lending at Congressional Bank

    Travis Brown
    Vice President of Retail Lending at Congressional Bank

    “Jeff Compton is a marketing genius! I have work with Jeff for over ten years now and he is the one I call when I need to start a marketing campaign. His knowledge and vision is an asset beyond comparison.”
  • Wayne BaquetPresident and CEO at Imperial Trading Company and Harrison Company

    Wayne Baquet
    President and CEO at Imperial Trading Company and Harrison Company

    “Jeff’s program was packed with wisdom, insight and motivation to inspire our managers to reach a new level. I feel confident that we will see positive results within our companies as managers put their new techniques and knowledge into place.”
  • Will HarrisCEO at Willpower Consultation

    Will Harris
    CEO at Willpower Consultation

    “When I have a sales meeting Jeff Compton is the first person I call. Jeff and I have consulting on many occasions. His knowledge and vision are my secret weapons in sales and marketing.”
  • Ron FinkestienCEO at RPF Group Inc

    Ron Finkestien
    CEO at RPF Group Inc

    “Jeff and I are professional speakers and we met as instructors for Fred Pryor. Jeff is an excellent speaker and can education and entertain many type of audiences effectively. I recommend Jeff without reservations”
  • Brian TracyBest Selling Author of The Psychology of Selling

    Brian Tracy
    Best Selling Author of The Psychology of Selling

    "Jeff Compton's message of hope, courage and never-ending persistence will inspire you to do great things with your life!"
  • Dr. Tony AlessandraAuthor of The Platinum Rule®

    Dr. Tony Alessandra
    Author of The Platinum Rule®

    “Jeff Compton has given you the tools to unlock some of the closed doors in your business and in your life. His strategies could be the key to your success!”
  • Keshia L. Paulino, CISAAVP, IT Audit at Barclays

    Keshia L. Paulino, CISA
    AVP, IT Audit at Barclays

    “Jeff Compton is one of the best speakers I’ve experienced. His energy, interaction with his audience, and above all else, his message was timely and profound!”
  • Jennifer RuhlmanSenior Vice President at Bank of the Ozarks

    Jennifer Ruhlman
    Senior Vice President at Bank of the Ozarks

    “I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Compton and he was engaging and knowledgeable. He brought a new vision to our leadership and I would highly recommend him.”
  • Craig BufordCEO of Buford Resources, Inc.

    Craig Buford
    CEO of Buford Resources, Inc.

    “We had a great time working with Jeff Compton. His ability to connect with a diversified group of young leaders in our organization was amazing. Jeff went out of his was to make sure my team was taking care of.”

Topics & Outcomes

Learn how to easily take the right step to increase productivity and sell more. (Read More)

Can taking one small step, REALLY change your bottom line? If that step is to better understand “why” you do the things you do, then yes. We often have the best intentions when it comes to our sales goals. Sometimes we surprise ourselves and achieve great things - either personally or professionally. At other times, we make a few attempts, then abandon our efforts before we realize any benefits. How is it that sometimes we push through barriers and reach our sales goals, yet at other times we come up short or get derailed?

It is well known that the biggest enemy to our success is ourselves. Our indecision, self-doubt, lack of confidence or motivation are all by-products of our inner villain. We are the number one cause of our own failures. Fortunately, there’s a solution: By taking just one small step, you will learn how your brain works and why you do what you do. You will learn how to overcome your biggest roadblocks to increase sales performance.


  • Overcome indecision, self-doubt and lack of confidence.
  • Learn the powerful hidden secret to what limits your success.
  • Learn the inner-working of your mind and how to reprogram yourself for success.
  • Learn why you talk yourself out of achieving your goals. Learn what conflict hinders your productivity.
  • Gain hidden insight on how to change and how to follow through.
  • Take control of your mind and adjust your thinking.
Without lying or cheating you will overcome any roadblocks to person-to-person sales. (Read More)

Motivating your customer to buy is the goal. Communication is the vehicle in which sales people use to attempt to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, most tactics to get someone to buy gets “lost in translation.” Understanding that your customers are diverse and that they are different from one another, is the key to understanding how the to the “yes.” People convey information and interpret information in different ways. Your communication may work to motivate one client to buy, but that same communication may demotivate someone else. Master the language that makes you a “sales talk pro” and drives your sales through the roof.


  • Learn the number one motivator for each customer.

  • Learn how to motivate people to buy more.

  • Increase communication between you and your client.

  • Never be misunderstood by your customer again.

  • Speak to your customer with clarity to minimize mistakes.

  • Use the right communication tools that get results.

Change your organization’s sales & marketing culture quickly by going to the true source. (Read More)

Most sales manager training is simply re-purposed sales person training, and sales management programs are often focused on generalized leadership skills. But sales managers need more than better selling skills and an executive presence – They need targeted knowledge on how to guide their salespeople to higher performance. They need to be more than just a sales manager, they need to be a sales leader.

Sales people follow sales leaders. They work harder, they get more done, and they are more inclined to love what they do, if they are following someone they see as a leader. Unfortunately, in today’s workplace, most sales people see their sales manager as nothing more than a boss. Bosses get no respect; an unflattering reputation precedes them and what follows is; lower production, contentious personnel, and a workforce that has a haphazard attitude about reaching their sales quotas.

The problem that 90% of sales management confront in today’s workplace, is that of perception. Sales people do not perceive them as leaders. If you are going to succeed in today’s corporate environment, you must be able to change people’s view of you to that of a leader.

No matter if you have been managing sales people for two months or twenty years, every sales manager needs this program. Jeff shows you the methods that you may be using now that may cause your sales staff to see you as nothing more than a boss, and gives you new proven techniques that will change your sales staff’s opinion of you. You will be amazed at how well your sales people perform and how motivated they become when you change their perception.


  • Learn how to alter leadership behavior to bring culture change to the entire sales team.

  • Challenge outdated perceptions on management and create a new paradigm on leading others.

  • Change the image of your management style from manager to an interactive sales leader.

  • Build a reputation with sales people that creates benefits and opportunities in future situations.

  • Ensure your sales manager’s training goes beyond how to conduct sales performance reviews.

  • Learn 7 techniques that will increase your sales staff’s productivity.

Creating a brand and marketing platform for high performance sales professionals (Read More)

Identifying and marketing your personal brand is an essential core competency for managing and sustaining a successful career in sales. First impressions are critical to sales success. Image is everything. How you present yourself to your clients sets the tone for the entire sales process. The image you present is your brand. And your brand must convey the right message. And that message is that YOU are the expert. However, your brand means nothing if you do not know how to use it. Learn how to take today’s marketing tools and secrets to gain the advantage and achieve your sales goals.


  • Learn how to maximize social media branding.

  • Learn about the latest in Website and Mobile Applications.

  • Learn the insights of marketing through video and imagery.

  • Learn how to build a brand and present a consistent message over every marketing mediums.

  • Learn how to create your branding message.

Overcoming the obstacles to prospecting that are within the sales professional. (Read More)

For thousands of salespeople, picking up the phone and calling a prospect is the most stressful part of their life. Many of these reluctant salespeople stare at the phone, secretly hoping that it will disappear. They procrastinate, get ducks in a row, and work to ensure that everything is perfect before they dial. Any excuse—and I mean any excuse—to do something else takes priority.

Too many think, that if we create a routine or a devise a formula, that prospecting would get easier. However, the problem is not with our process, the biggest obstacle to prospecting success is ourselves. If you don’t address what’s going on within you, then you will never achieve the goals you set for yourself.


  • Improve your attitude towards prospecting.

  • Discover your prospecting niche—cold calling, networking, seminars or referrals.

  • Determine what works and what doesn’t when prospecting.

  • Learn what motivates you and what makes you want to procrastinate.

  • Gain an edge over your competitors.

Top Ten Reason Why Jeff is the Perfect Fit



With 20+ years as an active CEO, he’s a proven business leader with deep real-world experience. Audiences will relate to Jeff’s substance and depth.



Jeff’s talks are interactive, fast-moving, and entertaining. Your audience will be fully engaged and leaning forward.



No outrageous demands. No diva-like requests. Instead, Jeff is professional, accommodating, and easy to work with at every step.



Your audience will leave with meaningful tools, frameworks, and techniques that can be immediately applied to real-world challenges.



Jeff’s enthusiasm consistently inspires audiences. Guests will depart fired up, energized, and ready to reach new heights.



You won’t see bullet point lists or text-heavy screens with Jeff. Instead, audiences are dazzled with high-resolution photography, energizing HD video clips, memorable props, and gorgeous visual transitions.



Concepts are delivered through rich storytelling — not boring professorial directives. Emotionally-charged stories help the audience retain key points while enjoying a highly entertaining experience.



As a five-time entrepreneur, professional-level blues musician, graphic designer, innovative marketing consultant, Jeff brings a fresh and compelling perspective.



Instead of a ‘canned’ speech, Jeff takes the time to learn about your organization, audience, and key objectives. His presentation will be on-point, relevant, and customized to your specific needs.



Jeff will make every minute count. Your audience will be moved and inspired while gaining practical tools to improve their performance. He will do whatever it takes to ensure your event is a roaring success.


  • ARMY
  • HUD
  • USDA
  • CUCC
  • CUNA
  • ZIJA
  • NAVY
  • ABA
  • USAF
  • DOD
  • LG
  • ACN
  • MBA
  • EOG
  • ICBA
  • IPPA

Client List

Jeff Compton has been speaking professional since 2005. He has done over 1000 seminars and given more than 2100 talks in the past 10 years. Over the course of my career, I've spoken to audiences of network marketers, C-suite executives, real-estate agents, startup-founders, bankers, and college students. In all that time, I've never left an audience unsatisfied. Jeff’s client list is vast and to list all of them would be bullet-point overload. Here are just a few...

  • Florida Bankers Association
  • South Carolina Credit Union League
  • North Carolina Credit Union League
  • CUNA (Credit Union National Association)
  • Arkansas Bankers Association
  • Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma
  • West Virginia Community Bankers
  • Alabama Bankers Association
  • New Mexico Credit Union League
  • Utah Credit Union League
  • Dupont
  • Curves
  • MidSouth Bank
  • City of Concord NC
  • Savannah-Chattum Public Schools
  • CharDEN Inc.
  • Chamsberburg Hospital
  • Summit Health
  • LSU School of Dentistry
  • Access Inc.
  • Holiday Inn
  • Comefri
  • Franklin Bank & Trust
  • Service Furniture Corp
  • Special Olympics KY
  • Ryder
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Papa Johns Pizza
  • Dominos Pizza
  • First Choice Healthcare
  • Quiznos
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Department of Defense
  • Good Samaritan Society
  • American Crystal Sugar Co.
  • Reynolds Industries
  • American Red Cross
  • Hasbro
  • Zaxby's
  • Hilton / Hampton Inn
  • Kravet Inc.
  • Suez Energy
  • GE Energy
  • Ingles Markets
  • Biltmore Company
  • Washington Redskins
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Mariott
  • USPS
  • United Postal Service
  • United Way
  • Cox Communications
  • Coca Cola
  • US Dept. of Justice
  • Pella Windows & Doors
  • George Mason University
  • Washington Center for Aging Services
  • Library of Congress
  • Kentucky Air National Guard


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