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Jeff is a sales & marketing consultant, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, human behavior expert, author and CEO of Third Dimension Group, Inc. Jeff’s books on success in personal achievement, direct sales, communication and leadership are all rooted in understanding the factors that shape individual and group behaviors. Using key dimensions of psychological science, Jeff helps people understand and harness the intrinsic power of human nature to reach their sales goals.
Behavior Expert
  • “Thanks for making me look so good in the eyes of my colleagues and I look forward to working with you again on a future project!"

    Peter J. Brokaw - Senior Vice President Florida Bankers Association

  • “Jeff just knocked it out of the ball park for us! He did a breakout for us and then closed us out with a general session that was amazing! We will definitely have him back.”

    James Carrick AVP- Learning Events CUNA

  • ““Jeff is a very dynamic, enthusiastic, passionate trainer and presenter. He is informational and powerful; he makes learning fun and enjoyable. Jeff is truly a professional.”

    Kimberly Deas Regional VP ACN Communications

Sales is at the very heart of your organization's success.

Increasing sales is at the very heart of what Jeff does.

To Jeff Compton, human behavior and innovation are the lifeblood of the sales process. As such, he’s spent his career focused on why we buy what we buy.

His journey has been non-traditional at every step. As the founder and CEO of five marketing and branding companies, Jeff built his businesses from a blank page into at least a value of over $1 million. As a hyper-growth CEO of over 25 years, he’s used innovative approaches to topple competitors, fight through adversity, and achieve at the highest levels.

In addition to his own startups, Jeff has been involved with the launch, or marketing of over 100 other companies. He’s mentored leaders and entrepreneurs through the struggles of marketing their businesses, and reaching explosive growth. He is the founding partner of Third Dimension Group, Inc. a international boutique consulting firm dedicated to increasing sales, fine-tune marketing and brand recognition of its clients.

As the founder and CEO of JCOMX Image Media, Jeff built a large digital promotions agency, serving fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and small business owners. He is a pioneer in digital marketing and branding with over 30 years of experience.

Jeff is an internationally-recognized thought leader and top-rated keynote speaker on sales, marketing, branding, reinvention, and leadership. His keynotes are focused on not only inspiring audiences, but also sharing actionable strategies to drive meaningful outcomes. Jeff is a Bestselling Author of three books – “When BOB Barks-The Psychology of Breaking Habits & Getting What You Want”, “The Driving Force - The Psychology of Communication & Selling What You're Selling”, and “Games Managers Play – The Psychology of Supervising People and Getting More with Less”.

Beginning his career as a professional blues musician and singer. Jeff has record two albums of original material. Jeff brings the same love for improvisation and creative expression to everything he does.

Jeff is on a mission to help people and organizations unleash creativity to maximize full potential. And yes, he still plays a mean B-3 Hammond Organ.

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