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Overcoming the Roadblocks of Person-to-Person Sales that Detour Success

Motivating your customer to buy is the ultimate goal. Communication is the vehicle in which sales people use to attempt to achieve that goal. Unfortunately most tactics to get someone to buy gets “lost in translation.” Understanding that your customer is diverse and that you have individuals that are different from one another is the key to understanding how the “yes.” People convey information and interpret information in different ways and your communication may work to motivate one client to buy but that same communication may demotivate someone else.

In this popular program, Jeff will give you valuable tools in confronting the communication problem that has crippled the sales world. Jeff breaks down the complexities of communicating to your customers into a simple, easy to understand, formula. Loaded with content, but given in a very upbeat and energizing way, this program will have you on your way to selling more than ever before!

Jeff Compton, the Authority in Behavior Achievement, will reveal the latest research in behavioral communication to help you and your organization thrive! You will laugh out loud in this hands-on exciting presentation. Jeff unveils the four ways that people perceive and convey information in which he calls the “Four Languages of Behavior”. He gives you the knowledge to know how you are perceived by an individual within minutes of meeting them. He shows you how to change people's perception of you by communicating to them in their language. With this positive program you will learn how to deal with any communication style with confidence and grace and impact yourself and your organization.


  • Learn the number one motivator for each customer.
  • Learn how to motivate people to buy more.
  • Increase communication between you and your client.
  • Never be misunderstood by your customer again.
  • Speak to your customer with clarity to minimize mistakes.
  • Use the right communication tools that get results.

“I rarely use outside speakers to train my team as I'm cautious of who's voice influences my downline. Jeff Compton brings an energy to the room that feeds your people with necessary information to go live life unlimited. He delivers it in such a way that leaves you wanting more. In a world full of people selling hype, Jeff's wisdom is applicable and guaranteed to get results. If you have an opportunity to put your people in front of Jeff , I'd highly recommend you schedule him now.
Kevin Mullens Multi Million Dollar Earner, Diamond Elite, Zija International

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Audience Feedback

"The speaker was amazing, very funny and interactive. Jeff was very well spoken and extremely informative”
- Nicole Henderson
“Gave a lot of informative information that was needed and was very helpful. Jeff is a great speaker and motivator”
- Linda Cokeland
“I got EXACTLY what I came to learn. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable in this area. He ROCKS!”
- Lynn Patterson

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