The Driving Force in Communication

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Overcoming the Roadblocks of Communication that Detour Success

Effective communication is essential to the success of any organization. Business managers spend approximately 50% to 80% of their time communicating with others (such as their supervisors, peers or direct reports) within their organizations. Well-developed communication skills allow managers and staff to interact effectively as they develop goals, discuss projects, assignments and routines, all of which must reflect the mission of an organization. Many businesses, however, create problems for themselves by having poor internal communication.

Jeff Compton, the Authority in Behavior Achievement, will reveal the latest research in behavioral communication to help you and your organization thrive! You will laugh out loud in this hands-on exciting presentation. Jeff unveils the four ways that people perceive and convey information in which he calls the “Four Languages of Behavior”. He gives you the knowledge to know how you are perceived by an individual within minutes of meeting them. He shows you how to change people's perception of you by communicating to them in their language. With this positive program you will learn how to deal with any communication style with confidence and grace and impact yourself and your organization.

Why Choose This Program?

Human Resource professionals claim that over 80% of the people who fail, fail because of their inability to communicate well with others. Research shows that even in highly technical jobs, success is determined more by soft skills such communication rather than hard skills. Even MBA programs at Harvard and Stanford recently added soft skills training to their curriculum. Every organization needs to know the basic four ways that we communicate with others. Whether you are dealing with prospects, customers, associates, clients, employees, employers, relationships or personal issues, this program is for you.

Who Is The Program For?

The program will have your audience roaring with laughter, applauding, participating and motivated! Many organizations and associations ask for this presentation to either open or close their conferences and conventions. Your attendees will be talking about how much this presentation has helped them and thank you for bringing Jeff in.


  • Learn the number one motivator for each person on your staff.
  • Learn how to motivate people do to more.
  • Increase communication between you and your people.
  • Never be misunderstood by your personnel again.
  • Speak to your people with clarity to minimize mistakes.
  • Use communication tools that promote harmony in the workplace and increase productivity.

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"Jeff is AMAZING! He is one of the hottest up-and-coming speakers on the circuit today. His polish, enthusiasm and complete command of the platform will transfix any audience."
Orvel Ray Wilson ~ Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker & Best Selling Author of "Guerrilla Selling®"

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The Driving Force
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Audience Feedback

“Lots of information, it was awesome! Stuff we will use for the rest of our life! Thank you so much it was great!”
- Seminar Attendee
“One of the best seminars attended. The leader was informative and people oriented. Jeff Compton MANIA!”
- Rebecca Parsons
“Jeff was top notch! Entertaining, yet relevant to the topics discussed. Seem to keep the course moving along and had the knack for keeping the audience engaged.”
- Shawn Kerry

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