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Customized for every client, Jeff offers an engaging, entertaining and enlightening variety of opening and closing motivational keynote speeches.

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Onsite 3 & 6 hour Training Programs

Companies and Corporations of all sizes and industries around the globe call on Jeff Compton for tailored workshops and training seminars.

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Now available at the Apple App Store and on Android. Jeff Compton's provides a free digital library for those looking to improve the quality of their lives. The content, delivered in-app, will help you to achieve more and to experience a greater fulfillment through a unique set of proven tools and strategies.

  • ““Jeff Compton is one of the best speakers I’ve experienced. His energy, interaction with his audience, and above all else, his message was timely and profound! Jeff's speech has opened my eyes to real weaknesses I have and provided me the tools and techniques necessary to replace those habits. Jeff is a dynamic speaker and trainer. He quickly forms strong bonds with his audience and leads them to knowledge through growth. It is very easy to revert back to the status quo after listening to a speaker, but anyone who has heard Jeff Compton and remains unchanged, is beyond help.”

    Keshia L. Paulino Rutgers University

  • "Jeff delivered a very well prepared presentation that worked out perfectly for our Real Estate Firm. His short, but true to form anecdotes were strategically used, where each of the associates could recognize their own strengths and weaknesses in the business world. He truly has the ability to empower your organization with new skills to be used in future business. I strongly feel that your encounter with Jeff will be one your business will benefit from as well."

    C. Franks, CEO C. Franks ∓ Associates

  • “I rarely use outside speakers to train my team as I'm cautious of who's voice influences my downline. Jeff Compton brings an energy to the room that feeds your people with necessary information to go live life unlimited. He delivers it in such a way that leaves you wanting more. In a world full of people selling hype, Jeff's wisdom is applicable and guaranteed to get results. If you have an opportunity to put your people in front of Jeff, I'd highly recommend you schedule him now."

    Kevin Mullens Multi Million Dollar Earner, Diamond Elite, Zija International

About Jeff Compton

An Authority on
Achievement Psychology

Jeff's Most PopularTraining Program

The BOB Concept®

The BOB Concept® is a revolutionary new way of understanding who you are and how your brain works so that you can make the changes you want to make in your life. BOB (your Brain's Ongoing Behavior) is the part of your brain that controls your self-improvement.

Now you are your team can have the cutting-edge Emotional Intelligence Program used by U.S. AIR FORCE Counselors World-Wide!
As Commissioned by The United States Air Force
to train Airman throughout the world.

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